Our Program

We are fighting for:

1. Control over the decisions that impact our work lives

  • Meaningful graduate worker participation in decisions over important issues like appointments, funding, and the impacts of COVID-19
  • A strong grievance procedure that will allow us to raise issues at all levels and ensure that our concerns will be addressed swiftly without retaliation of any kind

2. Just compensation and living wages

  • Stipends that ensure living wages, an end to fees, including parking, and equality in pay and credit waivers within departments and in cross-departmental appointments; guaranteed summer funding
  • A one-year appointment extension due to the pandemic

3. Affordable, comprehensive benefits

  • Better and less expensive medical coverage; vision and dental coverage; childcare
  • Guaranteed year-round health insurance – no gaps in healthcare coverage during the summer or during medical leaves of absence 

4. Restrictions on overwork 

  • Workloads must be kept within the appointment percentage
  • Just compensation for all labor to develop class content and programming for future classes, trainings, orientations, and any required professional development 

5. A defense of the rights of international students

  • Affirmative measures by the administration and legal support to protect international students, especially under a Trump administration that is openly hostile toward immigrant workers
  • Affordable housing and access to summer employment or economic support