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Labor Board Sides With Grad Workers Union

On September 3rd we’re rallying to call on UNM to respect the labor board decision and commit to negotiations as soon as possible! Sign below to stand with us!

We cannot wait another semester to address the pressing concerns facing graduate workers at UNM. On September 3rd we’re calling on the UNM administration to recognize our union and commit to start negotiations. Please sign to stand with us – anyone who supports our right to organize and improve teaching and research at our flagship university is welcome to sign and attend our rally!

Town Hall and Bargaining Survey Launch

Thank you to everyone who attended our February 12th Town Hall and Bargaining Survey Launch! You can fill out your bargaining survey here and watch the video below for updates in our campaign to win recognition and begin negotiations with UNM!

Graduate workers should not be choosing between paying bills, buying food, or getting necessary medical care because our stipends are too low to cover basic living expenses. 

Graduate workers at UNM cannot go another semester in fear of how we are going to cover our rent next year because our funding is not guaranteed.

Graduate workers should not be exhausted from working too many hours to the point that our physical and mental health suffers. 

Graduate workers cannot go another semester without a say in the decisions that affect our lives.

UNM Grad Workers Speak Out

Here’s why UNM graduate employees are standing together for change: