As described in the our interim constitution and bylaws, the main leadership body of UGW-UE Local 1466 is the Coordinating Committee which consists of 12 Bargaining Committee members  and 12 Chief Stewards distributed across all schools and departments. All seats on the Coordinating Committee are elected by the membership of the College, School, Department, or group of Colleges, Schools, and Department(s) represented by that seat.

Current Vacancies as of August 2022
College of Arts and Sciences:
2 Bargaining Committee Seats and 2 Chief Stewards
Health Sciences/Anderson: 1 Bargaining Comittee Seat and 1 Chief Steward
College of Fine Arts/School of Public Admin: 1 Chief Steward
College of Engineering/Department of Physics and Astronomy: 1 Chief Steward
*Please note: additional seats may open before the start of the fall 2022 semester

Elections will be held to fill vacancies at the start of the fall semester. The process and timeline will be discussed in the July 21st and August 18th General Membership Meetings.

What is a Chief Steward?

As a Chief Steward you will be responsible for leading all stewards in your turf in organizing and mobilizing the members in their department to win a strong contract and enforce their rights at work. Chief stewards support stewards in addressing workplace issues in their turf and keeping track of grievance fights. You will also be trained in bargaining and serve as an alternate Bargaining Committee member should a member of the Bargaining Committee need to step back from negotiations for a period of time.  Every session of negotiations thus far has included at least one Chief steward serving as an alternate.

Chief Stewards also represent their assigned departments on the local Coordinating Committee. Your duties as a member of the local Coordinating Committee are spelled out in section 26 of the bylaws and include attending regular meetings (at least one meeting per month as per the bylaws).

Who is eligibile to run for election and vote in the special election? Anyone who has signed a card to join as a member, is a currently enrolled graduate student within a department represented by an open seat, and is working as a graduate assistant currently (Fall 2022) and/or has held an asssistantship within the last year ( Fall 2021, Spring 2022, or Summer 2022). If you are a currently employed graduate worker, or have held an assistantship within the last year, and havent signed a union card yet you can do so here.

How will elections be conducted? Elections will be conducted via secret ballot in your email. You will recieve a ballot by email from Election Runner.

Who are we voting for? You will be voting for candidates to fill open Chief Steward and/or Bargaining Committee seats representing your department.

Thank you to everyone who voted in our 2021 Coordinating Committee Election and Spring 2022 Special Election. Results for all seats with at least 1 candidate can be viewed here.