How prevalent are unions in higher education?

Of the 26 states that permit public sector employee unionization, graduate employees in the majority of these states (62%) have chosen to unionize. Unionized graduate employees have negotiated higher salaries, regular stipend increases, higher tuition reimbursement, better benefits, restrictions on overwork, and paid child care. Faculty at the University of New Mexico unionized last year

What is the process of forming a union?

Under New Mexico law, if the majority of graduate employees sign cards indicating their support for the union, then the University must recognize their union.

What union are we affiliating with?

We are working with the UE Union, a national union that represents workers in a broad variety of industries and has represented graduate employees since 1996.

Who will run the union?

We will. UE is known for its commitment to democracy, meaning that all of the decisions that impact us will be made by graduate employees at UNM. UE’s slogan is “The Members Run This Union.”

Can the University stop us from forming a union?

No. Under New Mexico law, all public employees have the right to form a union and bargain collectively with their employer. The decision to unionize will be made by us, not the Administration.