Our legal rights

Under state law, public employees have the right to form a union.

The New Mexico Public Employee Bargaining Act (PEBA) guarantees the right of all public sector employees in the state to organize a union and bargain collectively free from coercion or restraint by their employer.  Section 2 of the Act states:

“The purpose of the Public Employee Bargaining Act is to guarantee public employees the right to organize and bargain collectively with their employers, to promote harmonious and cooperative relationships between public employers and public employees and to protect the public interest by ensuring, at all times, the orderly operation and functioning of the state and its political subdivisions.”

Under state law, you have the right to:

  • Participate in and speak out in favor of the union
  • Talk with your colleagues about the union
  • Distribute union literature, both written and electronic
  • Wear union t-shirts, buttons, etc
  • Sign a union card

It is illegal for your employer to:

  • Fire you, discipline you or discriminate against you in any way
  • Ask about your support or participation in the union
  • Threaten loss of privileges or benefits as a result of forming a union
  • Make promises to employees if they oppose the union
  • Use public funds to oppose the union drive

International students are fully protected under these laws

International students have the same labor rights as non-international students. State and federal labor laws apply regardless of country of origin, visa status or status as an international student.